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Respect your Cat Day

Today is Respect your Cat Day!

Let’s make sure our furry friends have a safe space, lots of health, a lot of playtime and also to respect their boundaries!

Today is the day to celebrate you and your feline bestie! Today we acknowledge all the hard work your cat puts into being your loyal companion.

Did you know that:

37% of Americans say their cats “get” them better than most of their human friends. And it goes both ways—almost 80% of cat owners can understand what their cats are trying to communicate based on their meows alone.

2 in 5 Americans say they’d rather spend time at home with their cat than go out with their friends. And 1 in 5 Americans have taken it even further—they’ve used their cats as an excuse to get out of activities they don’t want to do.

Activities for the day

Spend some quality time with your cat

Schedule some time with kitty. Go ahead, actually put it in your calendar. Our lives get so busy, but it’s definitely worth taking some time to give your kitty some TLC. How else are you going to develop a strong bond with your best friend?

Get your cat a new cat toy

Sometimes showing your love is as easy as refreshing that catnip mouse or getting a new scratching post to replace the old beat-up one. You know she’ll love it when you wave that ribbon wand around.

Learn new ways to make your cat happy

You knew that kitty likes a good scratch behind the ears, but did you know she also likes to play peekaboo with you behind the curtain? Find fun new games or places your kitty likes to be petted today, even if it takes a bit of experimentation. It’s all in service of letting your cat know he or she is loved.

Why love the date?

Cats are intuitive

Cats are empathetic pets who can sense emotions in their owners. They can feel when you’re upset and show their love in many unique ways: following you around the house, being extra affectionate, or cuddling up more than normal.

Cats are great with kids

Despite some rumors, most cats are fantastic with kids. They let them dress them up, carry them around, and play with them to their heart’s content. Cats and small infants are an especially fantastic combination, as they both love to take naps. What better furry napping companion could there be than a warm kitty?

Cats are hilarious

Cats pretend that they are so poised and highbrow, but they’re just as silly as dogs. We think that’s hilarious—especially when they make a mistake and pretend like nothing happened. Your cat totally meant to fall off of that chair! Cats are so quirky and funny—you can count on them always adding some humor to your day.

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